Recording Studio

I offer professional guitar recording and mixing for your project, as well as programming (synthesizers, drum machines, etc) and mixing in ProTools, Logic or Ableton Live. Every project is different, so please drop me a line to chat about your music and how I can help you. I can recommend other musicians as needed and help you find the right people for your record or EP.

My studio is located in San Francisco, close to the Embarcadero in North Beach. You're welcome to stop by and visit the space.

Guitars and Gear

Things have changed quite a bit since I bought my first guitar and amp, but the main thing I've learned over the years is to always follow your ears and your fingers - and try to avoid the marketing hype as much as possible.


Guitar brands tend to be a very personal choice. I've been playing PRS instruments in the last few years and really like their McCarty model. If you're on a budget, check out Washburn. They have some very nice instruments at a more affordable range. I can't say I recommend one specific make for acoustic guitars, I find there's too much variance between guitars of a particular model. The best suggestion I have is to try as many as possible and pick the better sounding one, regardless of the make/model. 


We're in the midst of a boutique amp renaissance and there are many many options. But my favorites are Bogner, Friedman and Matchless amplifiers.

Pedals and Processing

I'm endorsed by Mission Engineering products and VBoutique pedalboards and cabinets. Excellent build quality, made to last and based here in California. Great people to work with.

I also use Fractal Audio processors and Red Panda pedals and highly recommend them.


I get a chance to try different pickups, strings and picks almost on a weekly basis through my students, but always gravitate back to DiMarzio Super Distortion and PAF Pro pickups, their strap locks and D'Addario NYXL 10-52 strings. I've recently started using Dunlop Max-Grip Nylon .88 and 1.5 and really like them.